Bigg Boss has five facts that would blow your mind

If you’re a Bigg Boss fan, you probably assume you know what goes on behind the scenes and inside the house. Just wait till these five stunning facts about the reality program crush your bubble. Check this article for more info about how to watch Bigg Boss 15.

The Money-Making Show of Salman Khan

Following each season of Bigg Boss, there is a flurry of speculation regarding whether Salman would return to host the following season. However, the producers manage to bring him down by increasing the stakes each time. Salman is estimated to make around Rs. 6 crore every film and only shoots for the show once a week. This is roughly three times his compensation from the previous season. The actor already has a script writer to whom he pays a small fee and gives carte blanche. Every episode is provided to him on DVD, and he decides how to proceed after seeing it. As a result, you now know who’s in command.

The Bigg Boss’s House is Haunted

According to internal sources, the Bigg Boss house is haunted. Strange incidents have been witnessed by the Bigg Boss staff as well as the contestants. Some people claim to have felt a woman’s shadow on their heads, leading them to feel choked. Any staff members or candidates have also had recurring dreams about a woman standing in the corner of the room. Consider how awesome it would be if one of the cameras caught this shadow. Salman can’t compete with a ghost when it comes to TRPs.

A lot of the actual bitching was left out of the discussion.

The residence of Bigg Boss is ringed by security cameras. You could think you can see everything that goes on inside, but you can only see what the channel wants you to see. As a result, if candidates get too personal, you’ll only see a mellowed-down edited version of it. You could also do nothing at all! They’re a little more forgiving with bullying, but the contestants will be cut off if they start talking about Salman and his personal life. That isn’t to say Salman Khan won’t find out about it and expose their complaints on national television.

All of the cleaning is done by the cleaning staff, not the candidates.

Although it appears like the candidates are working very hard to keep the house tidy, this is primarily a facade. They do a little bit here and there, but hired staff does the majority of the cleaning in the house. The candidates are not allowed to have any communication or interaction with the outside world since the rooms that need to be washed are closed down by magnetic gates.

There aren’t any blind spots in this area.

Bigg Boss is the world’s first broadcast with over 80 cameras! No other reality program has gone to such measures to appear ‘authentic.’ In actuality, there are two types of cameras in the house: robotic and track cameras. The robotic cameras are installed inside the homes, whereas the track cameras are placed outdoors. The contestants are being monitored by these eighty cameras.